underworld or the underworld, and Anubis is a human body with a dog’s head, and this is the title that bears the name of our website.

The legend of loyalty
Since life appeared on the surface of the earth 3.800 billion years ago and is in continuous development, we may not know its end, and this evolution may take from a few tens of years to tens of millions or perhaps hundreds of millions of years, and this development varies from one organism to another according to Gender and gender, life began with bacteria, through worms and crustaceans, and finally with mammals, and then humans, but the latter was able to invest in the aspects of nature around him from plants, animals and water to the end of the series.
Modern man discovered agriculture and the domestication of animals 10 thousand to 12 thousand years BC, that is, at the end of the last ice age, where man, before the discovery of agriculture and domestication of animals, depended on collecting fruits and hunting game, and this situation continued for about 2 million and 500 thousand years to 4 Millions of years ago, until it ended up settling after the discovery of agriculture and the formation of settlements and villages on the banks of rivers. Man used animals to help him plow the land, such as cows. He also occupied the grazing profession, such as herding sheep, goats, and pigs, and benefiting from their meat, milk, and skins as food, drink, and clothing. The oldest animals Domesticated at all was the part of dogs. Humans domesticated these creatures (dogs) between 14,000 and 16,500 thousand years BC, i.e. before livestock and even before agriculture. It is inherent to man long before this date, and it is known about these creatures that are characterized by loyalty and devotion to their human owner. A) Dogs have been and still have an effective and fruitful role with humans since prehistoric times to the present day. In our modest series of knowledge, we will discuss the story of this animal based on scientific studies and facts, because this pet that alludes to loyalty and strength deserves perseverance in knowing His behavior is full of sincerity, loyalty and giving to man and his important and prestigious role throughout history so that we get to know this gentle creature in dealing with humans, and as we will deal in this series about the origin of dogs, their history and types of dogs, we will also address other topics related to dogs and their role in human social life and their contribution In the course of his life, such as her role in cinema, theatre, literature, politics, law, medicine and the last of these matters. We will also discuss in this series about the society’s view of these animals and how they view them. For example, the ancient Egyptians revered these animals and viewed them with reverence and suspicion, so they called them The god Anubis, the god of death and the underworld or the underworld, and Anubis is a human body with a dog’s head, and this is the title that bears the name of our website.